Imprisoned for the Faith

"O God, You specially strengthened Blessed Adrian with a wonderful spirit of holiness and courage. Hear the prayers of Your people and from his renowned example may we learn to be obedient to You rather than to human authority. Through Christ our Lord. Amen." – Collect for the Memorial of Blessed Adrian Fortescue. Today, 8 July, the Dominican Order commemorates Blessed Adrian Fortescue, a lay Dominican and cousin of Anne Boleyn who was martyred for the Faith c.1539. This stained glass window in St Cuthbert's Chapel, Ushaw College, while not of Bl Adrian, shows one of the English martyrs imprisoned in the Tower of London. In fact, it is a window of St Cuthbert Mayne at prayer while imprisoned for ministering as a priest in Elizabethan England. St Cuthbert Mayne was eventually executed as a traitor, and so martyred for the Catholic Faith; the first priest in a long line of hundreds to be killed for the one holy Catholic and apostolic Faith.

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