St Bernard preaching the Crusade

"Alarming news came at this time from the East. Edessa had fallen into the hands of the [Muslim] Turks, and Jerusalem and Antioch were threatened with similar disaster. Deputations of the bishops of Armenia solicited aid from the pope, and the King of France also sent ambassadors. The pope commissioned Bernard to preach a new Crusade and granted the same indulgences for it which Urban II had accorded to the first. A parliament was convoked at Vézelay in Burgundy in 1146, and Bernard preached before the assembly. The King, Louis le Jeune, Queen Eleanor, and the princes and lords present prostrated themselves at the feet of the Abbot of Clairvaux to receive the cross. The saint was obliged to use portions of his habit to make crosses to satisfy the zeal and ardour of the multitude who wished to take part in the Crusade." Today, once again, Christians in the East are being persecuted and violated and killed by extremist Muslims; would that a saint would rise up and stir our complacent hearts to strive for the liberty and justice of the oppressed. Stained glass from the Anglican cathedral of Truro, Cornwall.

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