St Catherine supporting St Peter's Barque

"O admirable Saint Catherine, thou who didst merit to make of thy whole life the noblest holocaust, constantly inspiring thyself to a most ardent love for Jesus, the Lamb without blemish, and for His beloved Spouse the Church, whose rights thou didst strenuously affirm and support in troubled times, obtain, likewise, for us the grace not only to pass unscathed through the corruption of this world, but also to remain unshakably faithful to the Church, in word, in deed, in example, to see always, and to make others see, in the Vicar of Christ our anchor, as it were, in the storms of life, the beacon light that points the way to the harbor of safety in the dark night of our times and of men's souls." Amen. This statue of St Catherine, supporting the Church in the form of St Peter's boat (barque) is in the Dominican Sisters' Motherhouse of St Cecilia in Nashville, TN.

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Fonte: Lawrence OP

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