St Hyacinth

"‘The people who walked in darkness have seen a great light.’ In the beginning, the Maker of the universe created heaven and earth and left darkness upon the face of the deep. To illuminate the darkness, God said ‘Let there be light’ and there was light. With light God illumined the cosmos. Just as God brought light into the darkness of the world, so through Blessed Jacek, who was like a shining ray of sun in Poland, God routed the darkness of sinners and with the light of faith illumined the hearts of the Polish people. Now has been accomplished what Isaiah prophesied long ago: the people, that is, those on the borders of Poland, have seen a great light, that is, Saint Jacek, preacher of the doctrine of light. When the light of day dawns, illness is alleviated, people stir from sleep, birds begun to chirp, beasts leave their lairs; likewise, when Saint Jacek was sent to Poland by Blessed Dominic, the Polish people were freed from their vices, aroused from their negligence, encouraged to consider things of heaven, and set free from the power of demons. A new light seemed to arise for the Polish people, bringing joy, honour and festivity for all... Jacek is the common form for the name Hyacinth; literally understood, ‘Hyacinth’ is said to derive from the hyacinth flower or hyacinth stone, and thus its meaning has two interpretations: in the first place he is called Hyacinth after the plant with a purple blossom: this suits Blessed Jacek well, for he was a simple plant in his obedience of heart, a flower in his chastity and a purple blossom in his vow of poverty and lack of material goods. Secondly, he is called Hyacinth after the hyacinth stone, for he shines brilliantly in the way he handed on the teaching of the Gospel, was resplendent in his holy way of life, and most firm in spreading the Catholic faith. For these reasons his name has spread abroad." – from a reading from the life of St Hyacinth of Poland, whose feast is today (17 August). Detail from a monumental painting of the Geneaology of St Dominic in the church of Santo Domingo in San Cristobal de La Laguna, Tenerife.

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