St Martin divides his cloak

St Martin, whose feast is today, was born in the Roman province of Pannonia (approximating to the western half of modern Hungary) in about 316 and was educated at Pavia in Italy. He was baptized, left the army and after spending some time as a hermit on an island off the Ligurian coast, founded a monastery at Ligugé in western France, where he lived a monastic life guided by St Hilary. Later he was ordained priest and became bishop of Tours. In his actions he gave an example of what a good shepherd should be. He founded other monasteries, educated the clergy, and preached the Gospel to the poor. He died in 397. The most famous legend about St Martin took place while he was still a soldier in Amiens. Seeing a beggar at the city gates he gave half of his military cloak to him, and later had a dream in which the beggar revealed himself as Christ. This stained glass window in Little St Mary's church in Cambridge recounts that incident.

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