St Mungo (Kentigern)

St Mungo, also known by the less familiar name Kentigern, was a bishop and evangelist of Strathclyde. His early teacher, Serf, may have been responsible for giving Kentigern his popular monniker of Mungo, which means 'dear one'. An early story about Mungo is that he restored life to Serf's pet robin, hence he is often shown with a bird on his shoulder. He arrived in Glasgow around 540 and was consecrated Bishop of Strathclyde by an Irish bishop. A strong anti-Christian movement forced him into exile in Wales, where he founded a monastery at what is now St Asaph’s. After 573 he spent eight years at Hoddam in Dumfriesshire before returning to Glasgow in 581. In 590, he went to Rome to visit Pope Pelagius II, who agreed to send his prefect Gregory and others to help evangelize Britain from the south as well as from the north. But Gregory was himself made pope when Pelagius II died, so instead Pope Gregory the Great sent St Augustine of Canterbury to Kent in 597. St Mungo himself continued as a missionary bishop to evangelize the areas around Glasgow, and he died there on 13 January 603. This stained glass detail of the saint is in the parish church of the Holy Trinity in Stratford-upon-Avon.

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