Holy Name of Jesus

This detail from a chasuble shows the name of Christ in Greek, shortened into 'ihs' and the inscription in Latin: "May the Name of the Lord be blessed". The Most Holy Name of Jesus has been venerated from the very beginning. “Jesus” means “The Lord saves” or “God is salvation” (cf. Mt 1:21) and carries the promise of salvation for all. But more importantly, it as a synonym for the person of Jesus and signifies his power and authority. Scripture reminds us that through the invocation of the Holy Name of Jesus, we can baptize, pardon sins, utter prophesy; expel demons, heal the sick, and do other deeds of power. In His Holy Name we gather for prayer, perform acts of charity, and ultimately, suffer persecution. As Jesus promised, “If in my name you ask me for anything, I will do it” (Jn 14:14). Scripture defines a Christian as one who believes in the Holy Name of Jesus (Jn 1:12; Acts 3:16). One of the greatest promoters of the devotion to the Most Holy Name of Jesus was St Bernardino of Siena, whose feast is today.

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