Detail of Our Lady of Lourdes praying the Rosary

Bernadette later described what happened in her first vision: 'She looked at me immediately, smiled at me and signed to me to advance, as if she had been my mother. All fear had left me, but 1 seemed to know no longer where 1 was. 1 rubbed my eyes, 1 shut them; but the lady was still there continuing to smile at me making me understand that 1 was not mistaken. Without thinking of what I was doing 1 took my rosary in my hands and went on my knees. The lady made with her head a sign of approval and herself took into her hands a rosary which hung on her right arm. When 1 attempted to begin the rosary and tried to lift up my hand to my forehead my arm remained paralysed, and it was only after the lady had signed herself (with the sign of the cross) that I could do the same. The lady left me to pray all alone; she passed the beads of her rosary through her fingers, but she said nothing; only at the end of each decade did she say the Gloria with me. When the recitation of the rosary was finished, the lady returned to the interior of the rock and the golden cloud disappeared with her.' This Saturday, 8 December 2007, begins the 150th anniversary year of the Lourdes apparitions. Those familiar with the story of Lourdes will recognise these scenes which are found in the Upper Basilica in Lourdes.

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