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St Benedict Destroys Idols

Our Lady Carried into Heaven

He Endured the Cross

Coronation of the Virgin Mary

St Teresa of Kolkata

St Sebastian (Comper)

St Elizabeth and St John


Bronze Serpent

Creation of Eve

Adam & Eve


Angel with garment

St Catherine

St Matthew

St Mark

St Luke

St John

St Martha

The Virgin Assumed

St Elizabeth & St John

Agnus Dei crest

Hawkesyard Annunciation

Crown and Sacred Monogram

Angel appearing to St Joseph

Christ in Gethsemane

Christ & Mary Magdalene

Marriage of the Virgin to St Joseph

Via Dolorosa

St George at War

St Anne & Our Lady

Christ learning carpentry

The Father and the Son

St Francis preaching to the birds

The Cross shines forth in mystic glow...

St Dunstan

St Luke painting self-portrait

Tu es Petrus!

St Martin of Tours

St Martin and the beggar

Christ saying Mass

St Etheldreda

I shall glory in the Cross of Christ

Rose window

The Tree of Life

St Augustine

St Augustine seated

The Martyrdom of St Clement

Detail of Our Lady of Lourdes praying the Rosary

O Mary conceived without sin...

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