St Benedict Destroys Idols

"After this question, brothers and sisters, let us listen to the Lord as He answers and shows us the way to that tent, saying, "The one Who walks without stain and practices justice; who speaks truth from his heart; who has not used his tongue for deceit; who has done no evil to his neighbor; who has given no place to slander against his neighbor." This is the one who, under any temptation from the malicious devil, has brought him to naught (Ps. 14[15]:4) by casting him and his temptation from the sight of his heart; and who has laid hold of his thoughts while they were still young and dashed them against Christ (Ps. 14[15]:4; 136[137]:9)." – from the Prologue of the Rule of St Benedict. Stained glass from St Emma Monastery in Greensburg, PA.

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