The Father and the Son

Comper's oriel window in Oriel College features the Father holding the Son Crucified, a popular medieval theme. Interestingly, the Holy Spirit is not depicted but is very prominent in the window opposite that faces this. However, it is odd that the Father has a cruciform halo, as this is normally reserved for the Son. If so, this could actually depict the glorified Christ showing forth his own Sacrifice on Calvary - an unusual theme indeed. The Cross is green, the colour of life. Around are angels holding the sword and shield of King Edward II, founder of the College. The kind himself kneels in worship before this divine vision. The angel on the left bears a lance, which I believe is the sacred lance that pierced the side of Christ, rather than Edward II's own weapon. Taken together with the Annunciation window opposite, I think this window shows the glorified Lord in heaven, his 'reditus' or return to the Father, just as the Annunciation is about Christ's humble descent to earth, his 'exitus' from the Trinity into the womb of the Virgin.

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Fonte: Lawrence OP

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