St Bernardino of Siena

"One of the greatest promoters of the devotion to the Most Holy Name of Jesus was San Bernardino of Siena. He was born on September 8th, 1380, orphaned at six, and then raised by his aunts. When the plague struck Siena, he took command of the hospital, sacrificing his own health. He eventually joined the Franciscans and was ordained priest in 1404. In 1417 he received the gift of preaching and soon became the “Archbishop Sheen” of his day. He spoke powerfully and eloquently of the Most Holy Name. Speaking in native dialects and using illustrations, anecdotes, mimicry, and humor, he shared profound theological insights, exhorting people to reform their lives and embrace ways of peace and charity. He created a visual aide to illustrate his preaching: the initials IHS pierced by a cross and enthroned in a sunburst in a field of blue. (“IHS” are the first and last initials of the name “Jesus” (Old Latin: “IhSUS”: ‘Ih’ [h signifies a breath mark] and ‘S’).) Tens of thousands would gather at a time to hear him proclaim the Most Holy Name of Jesus, the monogram was erected on buildings throughout Italy, and a movement was fostered to change the words of the “Hail Mary”, inserting the name “Jesus” after the words “blessed are the fruit of Thy womb”. Jealous of his success, he was charged with heresy. Pope Martin V heard his case and was so touched by Bernardino he led a procession through the streets of Rome carrying the monogram of the Holy Name! Bernardino refused all honors preferring the life of an itinerant preacher. He continued to proclaim the Holy Name until his death on May 20, 1444. San Bernardino, Apostle of the Most Holy Name, is still venerated as one of the greatest preachers of all time and is invoked for respiratory and gambling problems and for those in advertising, public relations, and communications." This painting of the saint is a detail from 'The Virgin and Child with Saint Bernardino and Other Saints' by Moretto da Brescia (c.1498–1554). It is in the National Gallery in London. The inscription in Latin reads: "Father, manifest your Name to all men".

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