St Hilda of Whitby

St Hilda was born in Northumbria and baptized as a child by St Paulinus of York. She became a nun at the age of 33, eventually becoming abbess of Hartlepool before moving to the double monastery of Whitby, which under her rule became a great centre of learning, literature, and the arts. She was renowned for her wisdom and consulted by bishops and kings. She hosted the Synod of Whitby of 664, which decided that the Church in England should follow the Roman rather than the Celtic ecclesiastical tradition. She herself was sympathetic to the Celtic tradition but loyally accepted the synod’s decision. She died at Whitby on 19 November 680. She is remembered for her patronage of learning and for her leadership of the English Church at a formative period. Today is her feast day, and this window by Kempe is in St Nicholas' Cathedral in Newcastle.

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