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Wallpaper Holy sacrament

São João Bosco

São João Bosco

São Tomás de Aquino

Coroação de espinhos de Jesus Cristo

Chaga da mão de Jesus Cristo

Imaculado Coração de Maria

Imaculado Coração de Maria

Nossa Senhora segurando Jesus Cristo

Mother of our Salvation

Immaculate Conception west window

Sancta et Immaculata

Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary


"Tu Rex Gloriae Christe..."

The Risen Lord at Emmaus

The Lord's my Shepherd

The Annunciation (Webb)

Baptism of Christ

The Apostles in the Cenacle

St Peter healing the lame

An Angel Releases the Apostle Peter

Ordination of the seven deacons

Queen of the May

St Alban's Rose window

Sacred Heart of Jesus

The Woman clothed with the Sun

Burgos Rose window

Caleruega's Cosmic Concentric Circles

Presentation of the Lord (Honington)

My Lord and my God


Betrayed with a kiss

St Walburge's Rose

Ave Sancta et Immaculata

Panis Angelorum

Betrothal of St Joseph and Our Lady

God Revealed in the Jordan

Cologne Epiphany

Christ in the Barque of St Peter

St Peter as Supreme Pontiff

Behold the Pierced One!

Christ expounding the Law

The Son of Man

The Baptizer

Mary Immaculate

Jesus and Mary at Cana

O Emmanuel

Rose Window in the Sainte Chapelle

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