St Peter's Chair

Having been in Rome, I missed the Papal Beatification Mass in Birmingham this morning, but I made my way to St Peter's Basilica for Solemn Mass instead. Mass was celebrated at the 'Altar of the Chair' under Bernini's spectacular celebration of the Petrine Office. The Pope's vocation is to lead the flock of God to Jesus Christ, and this he does under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, and with the support of the Fathers of the Church in holy Tradition. Bernini's masterpiece depicts this vividly. The Pope is also called and chosen by Christ to strengthen his brothers, the bishops, and to shepherd all the Christian people. And Pope Benedict XVI has done this faithfully and beautifully over the last 4 days in England & Scotland. Thank you, Holy Father, and may the Lord grant you many more years in his service, and everlasting reward in his heavenly mansions. Truly, thou art Peter!

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