Stoning of the Protomartyr

St Stephen, whose feast is on 26 December, is venerated as the first Christian martyr. According to the Acts of the Apostles, Stephen was one of the seven (Greek-speaking) deacons ordained by the apostles to organize the Church's daily distribution of food to the poor. Angered by his preaching and disputations, the Jewish authorities fabricated false charges against St Stephen. At his trial he preached the risen Christ to them, for which they stoned him to death. As he died, St Stephen prayed for his persecutors, following the example of the Lord, and so he beheld heaven opened to him by Christ. Among those present at this stoning of St Stephen was one Saul of Tarsus (also shown above), who was looking after the cloaks of the murderers. He was later converted by Christ, and became the great missionary St Paul. This stained glass detail is from Ely Cathedral.

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